DAY 43: Maccabees cover of BTS Dynamite on Hannukah

BTS’s Grammy nomination & Denmark’s plans to stop oil production


Welcome to Friday, December 18, 2020, Day 43 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis! We dance today to the #BTSDynamite cover by the #Maccabeats about Hanukkah, just before the 8th day comes to a close tonight at sundown. Also, lots of good news to report…. BTS celebrate their first Grammy nomination by calling their parents! Deb Haaland is announced as Biden’s pick for Interior secretary, the first Native American in a role that governs federal lands and programs affecting 1.9 million indigenous people in the U.S. Denmark announces it will stop oil production by 2050 (what?!). The 9th Circuit rules against a federal government’s proposed offshore Arctic drilling project. The Gwich’in announce Bank of America’s public decision to stop funding drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Finally, Lloyd’s of London phases out insuring fossil fuel production by 2030 including insuring Arctic drilling by 2022! Lots of celebrate and lots more to do…. stay hopeful, stay connected, learn about and respect other people’s cultures, and help us make a #JustTransition to end the #GlobalClimateCrisis!


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