DAY 99: 2 Day #BTSButter Album Countdown

2 Directions, Global North Impacts on the Global South with Vince

Welcome to Day 99 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis, Sunday, August 1, 2021!

As we close in on this 2nd to last day of the #BTSButter Album Countdown and the 2nd to last day of this 100 day dance project to #EndTheClimateCrisis, we welcome #VinceCrisostomo in a conversation about 2 directions, #GlobalNorth and #GlobalSouth, the impacts of the climate crisis on his homeland of Guam, the challenges of being a U.S. Territory during a pandemic and a climate crisis, and important cultural lessons from Pacific Islanders and other BIPOC communities about Kindness, Peace, Equality, Love, Inclusion, Hope, and Diversity.

Shout out to Julian Aguon of Blue Ocean Law for his collection of poems, speeches, and essays in The Properties of Perpetual Light and to Teen Vogue for featuring the connections between the militarization of Guam, the Indigenous Chamorro (Chamoru) Resistance movement.

For more Dancing4ClimateJustice videos on Indigineous Rights and Island Communities, visit our Racial Justice page!  Check out our Take Action page and view our lists of Indigenous Rights, Oceans, and Environmental Justice organizations!

Join us and the #BTSARMY to take action to #EndEmissions, #EndRacism, and End the #ClimateCrisis!


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