We have 5-10 years left to act big and fast as a global community.
We act smarter and faster when we are hopeful, connected, and joyful.
BTS brings us hope, connection, and joy, even for ending the climate crisis.


“We don’t want to mourn the earth.”
BTS U.N. Speech & Performance

“This is a Climate Crisis.”
BTS ABC Interview

Let’s join hands and build a better tomorrow.”
U.N. Interview with President Moon and BTS

We too can decide to be as influential as BTS.

Come join us!

What people are saying about our videos

"Day 94 is one of the best examples (ever!) of how to do it — how to show the intersectionality of climate, environmental, and racial justice. And also, oh yeah — pop culture! Thanks, Alma!"

"Alma you are definitely on to something—what a nice way to bring joy to this very serious moment!"

"Wow. Alma never disappoints. I enjoyed the slower movement. Time to leave this chair and do something that contributes to cooling our precious MAMA GAIA down!"

What brings you joy, hope, and inspiration? How is it connected to ending the climate crisis? What's your BTS?

What connects you to your Passion, Joy, Connection, Heritage?

What will make you excited to engage on the climate crisis with your community?

Tell us and show us!

Share your Climate Story of Challenge, Hope, and Action!

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