DAY 41: #HappyHannukah to Protect the Arctic Wildlife Refuge

The Gwich’in’s Campaign to Protect the Porcupine Caribou


On this Wednesday, December 16, 2020, Day 41 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis, we wish a #HappyHanukkah on the 7th night of 8! We also discuss reindeer and the #GwichinSteeringCommittee’scampaign (@OurArcticRefuge) to stop oil drilling in the #ArcticWildlifeRefuge and to protect the calving grounds of the Porcupine caribou and their indigenous traditions. We also note the impacts of rising temperatures in the Arctic among the Indigenous #SamiPeople of northern Scandinavia. Finally, we take another look at the #2020MMA performance of #BTSDynamite with the help of #Rudolph and #Prancer. Let’s remember the history of our holidays and work together to end the #GlobalClimateCrisis for the people and animals we love and the generations that follow.


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