DAY 87: Collaboration is #BTSDynamite

K-Pop and Climate Action Across Generations

On Day 87 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis, Friday, May 14, 2021, we continue the Gratitude Series and celebration of #AAPIHeritageMonth with a huge thank you to Dan Meyer, web designer and email marketing expert!

Joined by daughter Lyra, Dan discusses the challenges of the climate crisis from #Wildfires and water levels in the Pacific Northwest to the growing scarcity of fish among dying coral in Hawaii and other ocean regions, as well as the ways that K-pop, #BTS, and dancing can open new worlds of possibilities across generations to keeping thinking about solving the #GlobalClimateCrisis together.

#BTSARMY, let’s connect across the generations to #EndEmissions, #EndRacism, and End the #ClimateCrisis!

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