DAY 88: #BoyWithLuv for Reconciliation

Thank you to Andy and His Love of BTS V

Welcome to Day 88 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis, Saturday, May 15, 2021, as we continue the Gratitude Series and celebration of #AAPIHeritageMonth.

Thank you to Andy, Alma’s first BTS K-Pop Dance Instructor! Come check out Andy’s online K-pop classes at, and follow @AndyHatesBirds on Instagram!

Andy discusses his childhood difficulties with birds, his recent reconciliation at an oasis for endangered species, his love of dance, and how K-pop motivated him as a young Asian person. We also discuss how #BTS’s message of #LoveYourselfSpeakYourself not only inspired Andy at a critical time, but also provides motivation or #EndingTheClimateCrisis and taking action from a place of love ad connection. We also shout out to the #ClimateRealityProject’s #OurClimateMoment campaign to encourage a strong stance on U.S. climate policy leading up to the U.N. Conference of the Parties (COP) in November in #Glasgow2021, when the signatories of the #ParisAgreement are expected to meet their promises from 2015.

We then dance to the very song that Andy first taught to me and my friends at my 2019 birthday party, #BoyWithLuv. Come back when Andy contributes his solo dance performance to #BTSV’s #Singularity. Go #BTSTaeHyung!

#BTSARMY, let’s come from a place of loving ourselves and each other as we take action to #EndEmissions, #EndRacism, and End the #ClimateCrisis!

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