DAY 82: Can the U.S. Military Help to End the Climate Crisis?

Yes, let’s do it today! Dedicated to #BTSJin

We dedicate Day 82 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis, Saturday, April 10, 2021, to the eldest member of #BTS, Kim Seok-jin, or BTS Jin! Thank you to Korea for the “BTS Law” passed just before Jin’s 28th birthday (international age) which postpones required military service until age 30 for certain entertainers that have a certain level of cultural recognition. (Yes, BTS qualifies!)

Thank you to The Pentagon for acknowledging its role as early as 2019 (!) in contributing to the #GlobalClimateCrisis as one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels and largest emitter of greenhouse gases compared even to most countries, as well as the increasing role that the U.S. military plays in the face of climate-related conflicts and mass migration arising from droughts and food shortages, increased pandemics (like COVID-19!), and intensifying humanitarian disasters such as mega-hurricanes and wildfires.

Thank you to #VeteransForPeace’s working group on the #ClimateCrisis and Militarism. Thank you to’s programs on War and Climate Change. Thank you to #Greenaction4EJ for their work in coalition with other environmental justice groups to clean-up U.S. Navy radioactive waste at the San Francisco Hunter’s Point Shipyard in the BIPOC majority neighborhood of Bayview Hunter’s Point.

#BTSARMY let’s connect, learn, speak out, and take action to end the #ClimateCrisis – (1) #EndEmissions, (2) #BuildClimateResilience, (3) #EndRacism.

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