DAY 50: Sustainable Tacos and #BTSBlackSwan

How Tacos can Teach about Climate to 6th Graders!

It’s December 30, 2020, Day 50 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis… welcome to the halfway mark of our 100-day project! Special guest Stephanie Wiener joins from the San Diego Chapter of the #ClimateRealityProject to discuss her passion for ending the #GlobalClimateCrisis, as well as the “Taco unit” she developed as a 6th grade teacher to engage her students about the #ClimateCrisis…. from beef and methane emissions to vegetables and water usage, to corn and ethanol, to food waste and development of a sustainable taco. We then dance together to the Xmas day #BTSBlackSwan performance at the SBS K-Pop Awards in Daegu. Let’s keep engaging each other, our families, and our loved ones so that we can #JustTransition to end the #ClimateCrisis before it’s too late!


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