DAY 38: The Day I “Met” BTS

Visiting Seoul and Couch Dancing to BTS Dynamite Today, Thursday, December 10, 2020, is Day 38 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis. Special visit with Susannah, why

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DAY 36: #HappyJinDay

Climate Action Against Colonization and Uranium Milling Welcome to Sunday, December 6, 2020, Day 36 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis, as we celebrate #BTSJinDay (Dec. 4)

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DAY 76: #BoyWithLuv to #EndSexism

Post-Atlanta, Let’s #EndAntiAsianRacism and Objectification of Asian Women #BoyWithLuv to End Sexism on Day 76 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis, Friday, March 19, 2021. How does

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DAY 59: I Purple You on Day 59

Matt on “Where You Can Grow,” Electrification, and Policy Action   #IPurpleYou on Day 59 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis, Saturday, January 30, 2021! We meet

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