DAY 91: 10 Day #BTSButter Countdown

Top 10 Reasons to End the Climate Crisis!

Welcome to Day 91 of #100daysofBTS to #EndTheClimateCrisis, Saturday, June 5, 2021, the 10th to last day of the 100 Day Project and looking at the Top 10….
• Things you didn’t know about Alpacas,
Favorite sea creatures,
Best countries to see wildlife,
Key facts about the #ClimateCrisis (shout out to the #ClimateRealityProject!)
#ClimateSolutions (thank you #ProjectDrawdown),
Things You Can Do to #StopTheClimateCrisis (from the #DavidSuzukiFoundation) starting with influence your governments!
• And most importantly, Top 10 things you love that will motivate you to take action to end the #GlobalClimateCrisis and influence your governments!

Speaking of governments, P4G summit ended last week with Seoul redoubling and increasing its commitments to end the climate role and help other countries to do so as well. 

Looking for ideas on where to start taking action? Go here now!

#BTSARMY, let’s take action to #EndEmissions, #EndRacism, and End the #ClimateCrisis!

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