A Fiesta of BTS & BTS-inspired Climate Justice Actions

What is BTS Festa and why is Dancing 4 Climate Justice celebrating it?

BTS Festa is an annual event held by BTS to celebrate their debut anniversary with ARMY, BTS’s fanbase. 

The celebration takes place for 2 weeks starting from the first day of June. 

During this time, BTS releases new content for ARMY to enjoy, such as new photos, videos, songs, and more.

You can learn more about it here.

As a certified ARMY, Dancing 4 Climate Justice is celebrating this anniversary by sharing the joyful and hopeful intersections of BTS and Climate Justice.

Check out some of the BTS videos that we've done for Dancing 4 Climate Justice in the past:

For BTS Festa, we want to highlight 10 BTS & BTS-inspired climate justice actions. BTS has spoken about climate justice and the importance of taking action to protect the environment on several occasions.

  • In 2019, they gave a speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, where they urged world leaders to “listen to the cries of the youth” and take bold steps to address climate change.
  • They have also released several songs with environmental themes, such as “Spring Day” and “Idol.”


BTS's platform and influence have made them a powerful force for climate activism. Their fans, known as ARMY, are some of the most passionate and dedicated fans in the world. They have used their platform to raise awareness about climate change and to encourage others to take action.

  • In 2021, BTS partnered with UNICEF to launch the “BTS x UNICEF Climate Action: #YouthForClimate” campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness about climate change and to mobilize young people to take action. BTS has also released a special video for the campaign, which features the group discussing the importance of climate action.

BTS's work on climate justice is just one example of their commitment to social justice. The group has also spoken out about other important issues, such as gender equality, mental health, and discrimination. BTS's use of their platform to raise awareness about important issues has made them role models for young people around the world. Here are some ways that you can get involved in climate activism:

  • Learn more about climate change and the impact it is having on the planet.

  • Talk to your friends and family about climate change and why it is important to take action.

  • Contact your elected officials and urge them to take action on climate change.

  • Make changes to your own lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Get involved in climate activism groups in your community.

  • By taking action, you can help to make a difference in the fight against climate change.