BTS Army + Climate Justice Projects

Just like Dancing 4 Climate Justice, there are so many projects created by the BTS Army–aka fans of BTS–that any element of the Korean pop sensation with climate justice or social justice causes. Here are some that we’ve been inspired by, and feel free to drop us a message us if you’ve come across other projects.

We’re not only dancing 4 climate justice, but we’re also amplifying projects that inspire and motivate all of us to take action!

Open book Project: বই বন্ধু (Boi Bondhu)

This year, to celebrate Namjoon and Jungkook’s birthday we are going to contribute books to শুনতে কি পাও?’s project of building Himadri Centre. For more info about this project, check this out. 

A NamJiKook Birthday Project

“Invest time in teaching young ones to love and protect the nature to avoid regrettable results in the future.” For more info on this project, click here

Jeon Jungkook Day

BTS Army Indonesia celebrates Jungkook’s Birthday by donating to buy food needs at zoos throughout Indonesia. For more about this project, check this out.

BTS Jungkook’s Birthday Projects

Here’s a list of BTS Jungkook birthday projects from BTS fans all over the world. 

Jungkook's & Namjoon's Birthday Project in Tanzania

Tanzarmys are proud to join Salty Projects for a beach cleaning in Dar es Salaam. For more about this project, click here

Fanlanthropy: Jungkook and the Protection of Endangered Rabbits

This project was inspired by Jungkook and his love and friendship with animals. This project is also in line with BTS’s campaign called #EndViolence. For more info, check this out. 

#BTSxLegambiente x Namjoon

 Let’s continue our collaboration with the Italian NPO @Legambiente! You can donate for Namjoon’s birthday through the dedicated page on their website here

Eat Jin Campaign

Eat Jin 3 focuses on Jin’s birthday projects this December. Help them reach their goal which will be used on his birthday ads on prime locations in the Metro, and in supporting an orphanage for PWDs. For more info on the project, click here

Park Jimin 27th Bday Project

Caritas Manila say they’ve seen their tweet reach BTS fans from different parts of the world! All charitable acts help feed the hungry and malnourished during these trying times. For more info on this project, check this out.