Alma in Busan for BTS Yet to Come

In October 2022, Alma and Pia traveled to Busan for the BTS Yet to Come. It was a memorable trip connecting climate action with BTS, the pillar of Dancing 4 Climate Justice. Along with the memorable experience of watching BTS in Jimin’s hometown, the community and conversations with BTS Army was also a highlight, as Alma shared the work that reflects D4CJ. Here are some highlights: 

Alma with BTS Army

There were so many folks we met that we connected with about Dancing4ClimateJustice, Army who were eager to learn about the connections between BTS and climate justice. 

Busan's Sights, Smells & Sounds

BTS Yet to Come

As part of the city’s bid for World Expo 2030, BTS did a free live performance in the city, their last performance before members start their mandatory military training and assignments. It was bittersweet, but the energy throughout was electric. From hotels to restaurants, public and private spaces, the ARMY from all over the world showed up to shower the city with purple love. Check out Alma’s video as she danced at Paradise Resort, one of BTS’s Yet to Come official partners. 

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Busan on Climate

What’s so special about Busan? Busan is creating the next sustainable self-sustaining floating city!

“To address this, the city of Busan and partners have unveiled a prototype of a sustainable, self-supporting floating community. This floating city will be able to meet the needs of its residents, who will also have to pitch in themselves.”

Read more on Lifestyle Asia.

Busan’s Climate Clock

As part of Busan’s efforts to raise awareness for climate action, the city has installed a “Climate Clock” at the south gate of Busan’s Citizens Park in Busanjin-gu. 

“The Climate Clock calculates and displays the time remaining until the average temperature of the planet rises by 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to the temperature before the Industrial Revolution. The time is calculated based on global carbon dioxide emissions.”

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